Global Conveyor Projects


Shondoni (Sasol)

Engineering design and optimization of the world's longest single flight conveyor without a mid-station drive (20.5 km). Transporting 2400 t/h of coal on a 1200 mm belt at 6.5 m/s with multiple horizontal curves.



Engineering design and optimization of three downhill conveyors ranging from 1.6 km to 4.5 km. Transporting a massive 19,200 t/h of iron ore on a ST-8000 N/mm 2200 mm wide belt at 5.0 m/s. Longest conveyor has 7 x 1500 kW with brake sizes of 3 x 400 kN-m & 4 x 730 kN-m.


Obajana Cement

7.0 km overland conveyor transporting 2,400 t/h of Limestone at 5.0 m/s, with multiple horizontal curves. AC-Tek assisted in commissioning and preformed field measurements. World's first fully elevated overland troughed belt conveyor using a triangular maintenance trolley.


Kaltim Prima Coal

Design and engineering of a single overland conveyor that transports 4500 t/h of Coal on a 1100 mm wide, ST-2250 N/m. This single flight overland conveyor is 12.6 km long and is running at 8.5 m/s.



Complete engineering design, optimization, and field measurements on eleven conveyors ranging from 50 m to 3,000 m. Located in the arctic circle operating an extreme environmental conditions with a minimum design temperature of -40 °C. Transporting 8,000 t/h of copper ore. Largest conveyor has a 2000 mm wide ST-6000 N/mm belt, and a total installed power of 9,200 kW.


Twistdraai Colliery

Engineering design, optimization, commissioning, and field measurements of three overland conveyors transporting 2400 t/h of coal on a 1200 mm wide belt at 5.0 m/s. Longest conveyor is 12.4 km with both head & tail drives and has multiple horizontal curves.


Porto do Itaqui

4.3 km and a 600 m pipe conveyor, 1000 t/h of coal, multiple horizontal and vertical curves with horizontal radii as small as 300 m. AC-Tek completed a full set of field measurements to resolve operational issues, belt alignment problems, and significantly reduce the current belt wear.


Aditya Birla Group Dahej

Twin 4.4 km pipe conveyor system transporting 1760 t/h of Coal, ST-1800 N/mm 1850 mm belting. Engineering & Design for TecPro (project completion by Macmet).


Solomon Overland

Design and engineering of multiple overland conveyors transporting 7400 t/h to 4500 t/h of iron ore. A total of seven overland conveyors with combined system length of 15 km.


Kaltim Prima Coal

Design and optimization of a 9.2 km overland conveyor with multiple horizontal curves. Transporting 4,500 t/h of Coal on a 1400 mm belt running at 7.3 m/s.



Design and engineering of a 1.4 km overland conveyor with an 1800 m horizontal curve, transporting 5100 t/h of copper.


VALE S11D – Waste Conveyors


VALE S11D – Bench Connection


Optimum Colley

Existing 4.0 km horizontally curved overland conveyor was split into two conveyors. A new 5.1 km conveyor from Boshmanspoort will feed the second half of the existing conveyor at the new transfer point. Second 3.6 km overland conveyor was upgraded to new design tonnage of 2700 t/h of coal.


Robinson Run

Dynamic Analysis & Field Measurements. Three overland conveyors (3.5, 3.3, and 1.7 km). Coal, 2500 t/h, 4.0 m/s, 1600 mm belt.


Black Thunder Mine

Design, commissioning and data acquisition on a 3.3 km overland conveyor coal conveyor transporting 7000 tph on a 72” belt (1830 mm) running at 1135 fpm (5.8 m/s). One of the largest coal mines in the world accounting for nearly 9% of US production.


Bluewater Power

Design and engineering of a 3.1 km overland conveyor with multiple horizontal curves. Transporting 800 t/h of coal at 5.25 m/s over an 800 mm belt.


Gold Fields

Design of multiple in-plant conveyors including a 2,600 t/h stockpile feed and reclaim conveyor. Chutes designed using AC-Tek's in house Newton DEM software.


El Abra

Design of 4.5 km downhill conveyor. 8550 t/h of Copper Ore - 1600 mm - ST-3150 N/mm. 3 x 900 kW Power, 3 x 150 kN-m Brakes.



Design audit, field measurements, and a design upgrade on a 2.3 km incline conveyor. Transporting 3650 t/h of molybdenum ore on a 54” (1372 mm) ST-4800 N/mm belt running at 4.8 m/s with 4 x 930 kW installed power.



Design of a 4.1 and 2.0 km overland conveyor. Transporting 2250 t/h of phosphate at 4.6 m/s on a 1600 mm, ST-1800 N/mm belt.



Design and engineering of a 5.1 km overland conveyor transporting coal at 1400 t/h on a 1050 mm ST-2000 N/mm belt at 4.5 m/s.


CSN – Porto de Sepetiba

Field measurements, design audit, and system upgrade analysis of seven overland conveyors (up to 2 km in length). Conveyors are transporting 17,600 t/h of iron ore on a 2000 mm wide ST-2800 N/mm belt.



Design and engineering of a 5.8 km overland with a 2100 m and 3500 m horizontal curve. Transporting 1400 t/h Platinum Ore, 900 mm belt, 4.0 m/s, ST-2000 N/mm.


Oyu Tolgoi

Engineering design of 11 conveyors. Longest conveyor is 2.7 km long. Transporting 7200 t/h of copper ore on a 1800 mm wide ST-1800 N/m belt running at 3.8 m/s.


Enlow Fork

Engineering design of six overland conveyors and two slope conveyors. The total system length is 10.4 km. The slope conveyor transports 10,000 tph of coal up 740 ft on an 84” wide ST-6000 N/mm belt.


VALE Projecto Executivo

Design and engineering of four port conveyors using 2200 mm wide ST-4500 N/mm belting. The system has 70 m belt turnovers installed to prevent spillage of material into the bay. Each conveyor is transporting a massive 20,000 t/h of iron ore over 1.8 km to a ship loading tripper.



Design, engineering, and field measurements on a 800 m overland conveyor with 850 m horizontal curve, 2000 t/h of phosphate ore.



Design Audit & Field measurements on a 2.5 km incline overland conveyor with a 5,000 m horizontal curve transporting 10,000 t/h of copper ore.


Lumwana Copper

Design of six conveyors including a 4.3 km overland conveyor transporting copper ore at 4066 t/h 4 x 560 kW – 5.2 m/s