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Our History

AC-Tek was founded in 2004 by the world's leading conveyor designer engineers.

Since then we have engineered many of the worlds longest, highest tonnage, and most complex conveyor systems ever built.  

With overland conveyor designs in 6 continents and over 25 countries, our knowledge and experience is second to none.

From the frigid Arctic Circle and undulating Brazilian rainforests; to the scorching Australian Pilbara and African plains, we have provided our partners and clients with world class systems around the globe.

Engineering Technologies

Overland Conveyor Design

AC-Tek is a global leader in the design of overland conveying systems. We provide our clients and partners with the latest in conveyor technology and engineering expertise.

Conveyor Design Software

Used by hundreds of engineers around the world, Sidewinder is the premier software for conveyor engineering. It is both easy to use, and filled with the latest in technology and industry standards.

Discrete Element Modeling

Newton is a general purpose DEM simulation package used to quickly, and accurately, model the three dimensional behavior of complex material systems.


Our commitment is to provide high quality and innovative engineering services. Our mission is to be the engineering firm of choice for overland conveyor design and supporting services.


Our engineering team has an extensive repertoire containing some of the most complex and challenging conveyor systems designed to date. These systems include long distance, horizontally curved, high tonnage systems, high lift, regenerative, and pipe conveyors.

Published Papers

AC-Tek has published a number of papers in the mining industry. Specifically focusing on conveyor technology, data acquisition and field measurements, and DEM transfer chute design.

Overland Conveyor Systems

Overland conveyor design is AC-Tek's core business. We have been the principle designers for many of the world's longest conveyor systems ever built.

Conveyor Design Software

Sidewinder was developed from the ground up using the latest software development tools and years of conveyor design and experience.

Global Experiance

AC-Tek has experience designing systems in a wide range of climates and geographical regions.

Finite Element Analysis

Pulleys, belt transitions, turnovers, belt troughability, and pipe forming forces are few of the area's where AC-Tek has developed specialized FEA calculation methodologies.


Newton is a world class DEM software package for modeling a range of bulk material systems.

Pipe Conveyors

AC-Tek has been involved with many of the worlds most complex pipe conveyors. Specialized proprietary software has been written for pipe conveyor analysis and design.

Field Measurements

Field measurements are crucial to verification of theoretical models and equations. We have obtained measurements on many of the worlds largest and most complex conveyor systems.

High Capacity & High Lift Conveyors

AC-Tek has designed many of the world's highest capacity conveyor systems utilizing some of the strongest steel cord belts ever manufactured.

Research & Development

Our in-house laboratory contains cutting edge equipment for testing of a wide range of conveyor components and equipment.


The PAX software is a full 3D finite element software program for design and optimization of conveyor pulleys. It is used by both manufactures and everyday conveyor engineers.

Horizontally Curved Conveyors

AC-Tek leads the world in the design of complex horizontally curved conveyor systems.

Advanced Conveyor Technologies

Everyone has advice, AC-Tek has solutions.